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Your Five Senses…..Don’t Ignore Them at Your Store

I walked into a C-store the other day where the clerk behind the counter was smoking a cigarette.  I was immediately assaulted by the smoke when I walked in.  This is not what I was expecting when going in to purchase a bottle of water and a snack, so as you can imagine, I was surprised and taken aback by what I was smelling.  Now, for me, I do not tolerate smoke very well since I am allergic.  It was very difficult for me to handle the smoke and I was having trouble breathing.  All I could think of was getting out as quickly as I possibly could.  That store lost my business because I couldn’t even stay inside long enough to select the items I wanted to purchase.  This experience made a bad impression and I will not be going back there again! 

When we are in pre-school, we learn that there are five key Senses – Sight, Smell, Hearing, Touch and Taste.  All of these senses can be manipulated to entice your customers and make them feel welcome in your store, OR – if their experience is not good, make them not want to come back. 

When your customers walk into your store what do they -  See? - Smell? - Hear? - Touch? - Taste?

You want them to see a well laid out store that is neat and organized so they can easily find what they are looking for.  Evaluate the smells in your store; are they pleasing?  Is the store clean? A clean store will appeal to the senses of sight, smell AND touch.  All areas where your customers interact, like your fountain area, cooler handles, check-out area, etc., should be clean so when customers “touch” something, they are not sticky or dirty.  Do you have music playing or some kind of sound that is not distracting to your customers while they are shopping?  What about taste?  Do you offer treats and other goodies that the customer will enjoy?

I encourage you to take a look at your customers’ experience inside your store from a new perspective.  The next time you enter your store, allow yourself to evaluate how each of your own five senses are being affected by what is going on around you.  Are you taking advantage of all five senses to keep your customers coming back again and again?  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to further appeal to them!

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